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New Summer Packages

Come, Play With Experienced Players and Win Exciting Gifts!

Summer Packages

Admission FeeRs. 500/- Per Person.

Monthly PackageRs. 1,000/- Per Person.

3 Months PackageRs. 2,500/- Per Person (You Save Rs. 500/-).

6 Months PackageRs. 5,000/- Per Person (You Save Rs. 1000/-).

1 Years PackageRs. 10,000/- Per Person (You Save Rs. 2000/-).

Eight classes per month & weekly two classes.
You can select two hours of your choice except Tuesdays.

For any further details or enquiries and any doubts contact .
Mr. Sivalingam 99401 22305
Mrs. Jamuna Sivalingam 98405 96418

This is a Chess Academy. Abirami Sivalingam son of Abirami Ramanathan is runnig this Academy situated in the 2nd Floor next to the ticket counter. Inaugurated on 15th August 2011 Independence Day. This is the 1st Chess Academy in a Mall in the whole world.

In Chess or in life main tactics is brilliance (intelligence). For example when there is a war between two countries. Suppose one has a huge army and other a weak one, by common sense we can point out that huge army can win. But with your brilliance (intelligence) the weaker can win. Similarly in Chess use your brilliance to win the match. We coach for all ages to enter into tournaments. We do have membership, it is opened to all.

Regular chess activities are proven to have dynamic educational benefits for children.

  • Academic skills, particularly Science and Mathematics accelerate.
  • Creative problem solving abilities are nurtured.
  • Powers of reasoning develop more rapidly.
  • Concentration levels increase & social skills develop.
  • Children begin to enjoy thinking! (Useful for academic work!)
  • Chess is a useful activity that can be played regardless of age, sex,disability, race or religion.
  • Playing chess is a great way to keep children safe and secure.