dolby sound system

Dolby sound system was also introduced in tamil theatres. Doloby is an electronic system used to provide stereophonic sounds for cinemas and television sets. Doloby laboratories have launched its cutting edge Atmos technology in Tamil Nadu. Dolby Atmos uses an array of speakers to create a realistic, object oriented sound field. A remastered 3D version of AVM’s 2007 Tamil blockbuster Sivaji was the first Indian movie to be released with Atmos. Atmos gives sound designers a never before level of creative control while ensuring that the audience, whichever theatre they might be watching the movie in, gets the full impact of the audio effects. Atmos addresses every single speaker in the cinema and this is a significant enhancement from the point of view of content creation. The resultant sound is natural and neat. This makes the overall experience more immersive for the viewer. The new system can have up to 64 speakers, even on the ceiling, and cater to 128 simultaneous sound streams, thus allowing sound to be moved across the theatre. Plus, Atmos renders sound specifically for all kinds of cinemas, so that producers don’t have to create different masters for various theatre configurations.

kids world

Abirami has Kids World with all games and entertainment for children at Abirami Mega Mall.Abirami Mega Mall has Introduced Novel amusement area of “KISSING CARS” for the first time in Tamil Nadu at Abirami Mega Mall. Introduced Teen’s world at Abirami Mega Mall which is now the center of attraction of teen agers of Chennai.

snow cave

First time in south India created a Snow Cave by the name Abirami Mega Snow World at Abirami Mega Mall, Chennai. The snow cave have the World lightning, thunder and snow storm (140 KM speed wind), Firey Ice Slide, Ice sculptures, at minus ten degrees with 50 tonnes snow on the floor with 50Ft. high firy ice slide, where 5 tonnes of pure crystallized snow manufactured per day out of mineral water at minus six degrees which is considered as the best entertainment in India.

multiplex facilities

Abirami Mega Mall is the first mall of south India with multiplex facilities.They have created Family Entertainment Center (FEC) with Egyptian theme to international standards consisting of 3 floors of Shopping, 18 Counter Food Court, Gaming Arena, Entertainment, 4 different Cinema Theatres that holds a world record with 222 films each having a run of 100 days, 35 films each a silver jubilee and won the best theatre award several times and for the first time in the world a Roof-Top Drive-in Restaurant yet to be opened. A new theatre, Robot BalaAbirami with unique spaceship theme.

movies via satellite

Abirami Theatres download movies via satellite to cinema halls..Abirami has the first 5 star theatres of India, SwarnaSakthiAbirami and Shree AnnaiAbirami – with chairs which recline 100% with a butler on wait. The lobby and the wash rooms are also air conditioned. For the first time photo cards and displays are through digital screens. The ambience is of a 2000 year palace of Egypt and China respectively.

computer ticketing

Now booking the ticket has become easy because Abirami theatre was the first to introduce computer ticketing in india. After the introduction of Dial-A-Ticket system it has become very easy to book tickets form home and and get the tickets delievered at home.

first ever 7 star theatre

Later, at Abirami Mega Mall the first ever 7 Star theatre of south India was created. Abirami 7 Star has various unique features like massage chairs, reclining seats and waiter on call facilities. The lobby waiting rooms and the washrooms are all fully air conditioned. This 7 star theatre has theambience of the Spanish Opera House. The screen is 3-D capable.

digital thetare sound

In India for the first time DTS (Digital Theatre Sound) System was introduced by Abirami theatres. DTS is a series of multichannel audio technologies owned by DTS, Inc. (formerly known as Digital Theater Systems, Inc.), an American company specializing in digital surround sound formats used for both commercial/theatrical and consumer grade applications. It was known as The Digital Experience until 1995.The first commercial use of digital sound on a large scale debuted with the release of “Jurasic Park.” It is called DTS, an acronym for Digital Theatre System, the name of the company that patented the process. At its essence, DTS is an updated version of the classic sound-on-disc technology used in the early days of cinema. DTS employs a special optical time code that is part of the film. The time code is a series of dots and dashes along the side of each frame between the image and the analog optical sound tracks

7d fun buzz

Now recently on 21st May 2015 Abirami theatres has introduced a 7-D fun Buzz (7-D Theatre) 7-D has the extra ordinary visuals, fantastic sound effects, simulation and bubbles, fragrance and smoke, storm and lightning, rain and snow effects. These effects will excite your senses and can experience a new generation of virtual movie magic.Using a state-of-the-art digital projection system, movies come to life right off the big screen. Have a seat and feel a whole new generation in movie magic! Equipped with in-built speakers as well as environmental effects like water features, seat vibration, Simulation and base shakers also rain and snow to give you THE ultimate difference. Be tossed about in your seats. Feel the wind blowing in your face, and the rain and snow showering on you and the water rushing your way. Let the synchronization of this wide.

world record

Four Cinema Theatres which have created a world record with 227 films each having a run of 100 days 35 films each a silver jubilee and won the Best Theatre Award many times.

spanish opera house

Abirami’s “7 Star” theatre is a Spanish Opera House theme based theater. It alos provides pick up and drop facility with limousine. Pre paid auto service is also being an added attraction.

special optical reader

A special optical reader is mounted on the projector. The film is threaded through the reader before it enters the projector. Similar to the analog audio pickup, the DTS reader uses a light emitting diode (LED) to focus light on a lens, through the film and onto a photocell. This creates pulses of current that the reader decodes as the time code. It sends this information via a serial cable to a computer. The computer controls an audio system with three CD players. The movie soundtrack consists of six tracks (right, left, center, left-surround, right-surround and subwoofer) compressed on one or two CDs, depending on the length of the movie. One CD holds about two hours of audio in the special compressed format used by DTS. The third CD player is used for a CD that contains current DTS movie previews.

special effects

Spectrum of special visual, sound, motion and environmental effects put you right in the middle of the action.

snow dancing

Abirami has one of its kinds Multi colorful snow dancing floor - A safe dance floor for all ages. Dance to the music of the Arctic music group – Penguins, Polar bears, Dolphins.


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